you only live once

last year i decided i wanted to hang out with more dudes.   but here is the weird thing about that decision.  i wasn’t interested in doing the normal things dudes do when they get together – like watching sports or playing sports or talking about women or lifting weights or talking about the latest hunting success or talking about fishing or drinking beer…..wait.  yes, yes i was interested in drinking beer.  but mostly what i wanted to do was:

put together a book club.

yes.  a book club.  not just any book club.  a book club exclusively for men.  kind of like a hair club for men only for, you know, reading books.  a club where dudes decide on a book to read.  then read the book.  then get together to discuss said book.  and then talk about women or sports or hunting or fishing or movies and drink beer.

so i approached a friend of mine who i thought most likely to be intrigued by the idea and least likely to punch me in the face a call me a little girl.  not only did he not punch me in the face and call me a little girl, he was enthusiastic about the idea.  so we each invited two others and Book Club was formed.  an initial membership of six.  we decided to keep it small.  limit it to men who were dedicated to book reading and beer drinking.  although admittedly there are few men actually interested in BOTH beer drinking and book reading so keeping it small probably wasn’t going to be much of a challenge.  Book Club initially had three rules:


these initial three rules worked real well for us for a while.  over time we added two more dudes to Book Club, one of which had to be kicked out because he couldn’t comply with rule #3.  hey – we take our rules very seriously.   i mean there were only three rules . . . follow the damn rules.

now i say “were” only three rules because we, only very recently, had to add a fourth.  about four months ago i was commenting to my wife about how well Book Club was going.  people were following the rules.  dudes reading books outside their comfort zones.  good camaraderie.  good conversation.  good beer.  no drama.  repeat.  NO DRAMA.  the no drama part is what i was really trying to stress to my wife.  “you got no girls in your book club you got no drama” i said to her.  an exact quote.  a week later someone suggested that we read a book about Woodstock.  then all hell broke loose.

yes.  Woodstock.  not religion, or politics or football or the good or bad looks of Heidi Suzanne Cruz or even a book which we actually read.  no – crisis erupted on April 1st, 2018, APRIL FOOLS DAY, over the possibility of reading a book about a non-violent music festival held on August 15–17 1969 on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains of southern New York State.

apparently, the passion or hatred for Woodstock runs very deep and breaks down into two camps:

  1. “There are no good books about Woodstock.  Woodstock is the worst.  Filthy hippies in mud.”; and
  2. “Three days that changed the world.”

these actual quotes from the two camps establishes the clear divergence in opinion on Woodstock which created the Book Club Woodstock incident of 2018.  the incident was not long.   it, ironically, was a war of words over our text group, where the pro-Woodstock dude very quickly, with passion and without  sympathy attacked the anti-Woodstock dude.   It started at 7:51 pm and ended at 9:47 pm.  it resulted in an immediate loss of two Book Club dudes.  it was so quick.  it was on April fools day.  we didn’t know what hit us.  the reaction in Book Club is best established with a redacted photograph of the aftermath text messages:


the end result was rule #4:

“be nice to each other”

it also resulted in us reading a book called The Road to Woodstock.  it was a damn good book.

all my Book Club dudes are good dudes.  they like to read books and to drink beer.  not a bad reason to get together. and be nice to each other.

oh…..and he never got his 10 bucks back.

P.S. – i’ve created new page called Book Club.  i’ll list the books we read and the general consensus of Book Club on their value.  i’ll probably get permission to use their first names and list their individual opinions in five words or less.  feel free to use it as resource to discover what some dudes think about some books.

and remember – sometimes a music festival is just a music festival.




well.  this is embarrassing.  i just found these guys.

do you like Daft Punk?  then you’ll love these guys.  funk, disco, and house music thrown in a bowl with a touch of indie rock, new wave and dash of prog.  Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have been around as Justice since 2007.

little did i know.

they were nominated for a Grammy for their 2007 single “D.A.N.C.E.”, first video below, and their  2016 album, Woman, includes the song Fire.  the video for which, second video below, features Susan Sarandon in a Thelma and Louise throwback.  the song, in my humble opinion, is off.  the.  hook.  good.  the reworking of the album Woman for their 2018 tour was released this month as Woman Worldwide.

they are playing at ACL in october.  go see them.  Metallica goes on after them at the next stage over.  worth the price of admission for those two bands alone.